boudoir fotografie vrouw zwarte lingerie kont vlaanderen

No portfolio?

That’s right, I decided to do so for two reasons. The first reason is of course privacy. Boudoir is an art form but that does not stop people from doing bad things. Throwing such photos online is asking for risks. Also, many clients are just not comfortable with this, it is an experience for yourself that should not necessarily be online.

Reason 2 is also very simple, everyone has a different comfort line.Some people are completely comfortable with posing naked, others prefer to expose as little as possible, and that is only normal, it is an experience for yourself or as a gift for someone. Not the whole world has to see it.

Why boudoir?

Do you sometimes feel insecure about your body?
Is sexy not the first word you think of when you see yourself in the mirror?
Is it time to give your self-confidence a boost?
Do you just deserve something special for yourself?
Or are you looking for a very special gift for your partner?

If you answered yes to one of these questions…
Then you are at the right place. Boudoir is about building self-confidence. It is looking at your body and smiling when you see yourself because you are beautiful. Every body is unique and the only thing I want to achieve is that you learn to love your imperfections.


Sexy, elegant, powerful, feminine, stunning, speechless.
But most important of all: eye opening.
Don’t hide behind loose clothes, don’t hide your proud feminine side.
And don’t you dare say that your body is not beautiful!

Stand up and show who you are because everyone is beautiful in their own way.


What now?

Already excited for a shoot? Perfect.

After you contact me, we’ll start discussing the whole practical side of things and go from there.

Do you still have some doubt or questions?
Send me an email and tell me what’s on your mind. Rather want to meet in person? No problem we can go grab a cup of coffee and slowly ease in to the information.

Don’t be afraid to send me, this is a judgement-free zone.

boudoir fotografie vrouw zwarte lingerie vlaanderen


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