Hey, I’m Fien. Let me tell you a little bit about myself.
I study Nursing at the University College Leuven Limburg (In Belgium). I love DIY projects: Making jewelry, painting, sewing clothes, or even facemasks these times, pottery,… As long as I can let my creative side run loose.

fotograaf hasselt rood vrouw vlaanderen
zwart wit vrouw fotograaf hasselt

Photography is one of those ways to let my creativity out. When I was a kid I took every chance to get my hands on a camera. From my very first “Kiddi-Zoom camera” up until my newest camera now a days, has been an adventure filled with passion. Years of trial and error with those manual settings finally brought me to where I am today. Starting my own photography business called F.A.Vision. At first, I was so scared to begin this journey. Many photographers said “Once it becomes your job, you will lose your passion”. Nothing is more false!! Since I started my business, my passion for photography exceeded its limits.

Why fotography?

At first, I hesitated to put my work out there. All I kept thinking was “I am not good enough.

But I am good enough, maybe not for everybody, but for many. I want to share my art, communicate and meet new people. Every photographer has their own style, their own ways of working and their own reasons of doing things. My reason is that I love photography and I want to make people happy.

If, by posting my art and making photos on a personal level, I can combine the two… that’s the only reason I need.


Instead of explaining what each letter stands for, F.A. Vision should be seen as one word. As a whole. As one concept.
Art is one of the most subjective things there is. Behind every photo there is a story, a vision and an artist. I look at the world with a ‘photographer’s eye’, I see a composition, a shadow, an angle, … I see a beautiful photos.

F.A.Vision fotografie boudoir Hasselt
zwart wit vrouw fotografie fotograaf hasselt

What I do differently from others is that I don’t tell the story behind the photo. I want you to see the picture and have your own story in mind. That is what makes art so great. We can look at the same photo, but our spirit has taken us to 2 totally different places. That is why I hold a camera and call myself a photographer.




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